Welcome to Fundamentum.

Investing in Specialised Supported Housing across the UK.

Grounded in experience and expertise, Fundamentum acts as property advisor on many aspects of UK property investments. We are uniquely placed to take advantage of a wide-ranging network of trusted property professionals, allowing Fundamentum to access innovative and off-market opportunities.

Drawing on proven expertise, we set out to identify UK property opportunities with strong potential across the market.

Backed by a consistent track-record and a strong network of trusted partners, our team uses a breadth and depth of skills, built on many years of experience, to offer exemplary advisory services. Through a combination of industry knowledge and an agile approach, we are committed to finding and maximising potential.

As a tangible asset, property offers a secure home for investors and can protect against currency fluctuations and the somewhat volatile temperament of the stock market and commodities. Not only this but property has proved itself to be one of the best performing asset classes earning its reputation as a staple in any portfolio.


Fundamentum Property was established in 2013 as a boutique property advisor specialising in the UK Supported Housing sector and the team has a  combined +40 years’ experience in the sector.

Track Record

The team has a proven track record in delivering professional services within the UK Social Housing market, having successfully transacted on 100+ properties since the company was established.


We have strong relationships with numerous Housing Associations (HAs), Local Authorities (LAs) and Registered Providers (RPs) across the country, working with them on a daily basis to meet the ever-increasing demand for Social Housing.

Socially Responsible

Fundamentum works tirelessly to provide high-standard, specialist properties that meet the requirements of Local Authorities, ensuring all investments are socially responsible and have the best interest of the client in mind.

Career Opportunities at Fundamentum

To join the Fundamentum Property, you must be intelligent, driven and enthusiastic. Why not browse our vacancies below and apply for a role that you'd be suited to? If there are no suitable jobs, email your CV to info@fundamentum-property.com. Outline your qualifications, strengths and interests. Give us a brief insight into who you are and what you believe you'd add to our team.

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